Thursday, 1 October 2009

Blog stat pron - September

Good afternoon and welcome to my regular first day of the month blog traffic stats review. According to google analytics, for September, this blog got:-
1054 Absolute Unique Visitors
1,769 Pageviews
Compared to August's
908 Absolute Unique Visitors
1,944 Pageviews
A biot of a mixed picture there, more uniques, less overall. I'm spreading myself wider I guess. Statcounter reckons I have 1,488 Unique Visitors, and an average of 60 pageloads per day, down 2 from last month, sadness prevails once more, the target for October will be a somewhat unfounded and optimistic 65 ppd.

Here, here's a graph of traffic over the month, its a bit erratic, with highs and lows. I haven't been posting much, its my job you see, early starts and tiring hours. Also doing posts from my Blackberry is so unsatisfying, I have to go back later and adjust any paragraphs and spellings and add images, links and stuff

Compared to the past few months, figures are still on the same plateau, I still need to crank it up a gear or two, but it's going to be hard with so little time, and with me being so boring. Pie charts about snogging indeed.

Here are the metrics of of my RSS feeds on various feed readers:
21 subscribers - GoogleReader (same as last month)
4 subscribers - Bloglines (same as last month)
6 followers - Blogger (same as last month)
These are my top referers for September (not including google wanderers)
1. Facebook - 59 visitors
2. Twitter - 54 visitors
3. WardmanWire - 45 visitors
4. UK Bubble - 16 visitors
5. EUReferendum - 15 visitors
6. Anorak Forum - 7 visitors
7. Total Politics - 7 visitors
8. Mark Wadsworth - 6 visitors
9. Longrider - 4 visitors
10. Hayley Dunlop - 3 visitors
Thems hits from the Wardman Wire were courtesy of the Britblog Round-up, my submission was one fo my job vacancy posts. Not the most interesting, but for a first'un I thought sticking to the facts would be wise.

Lets take a brief moment to consider which were the most viewed posts during September.
1. What Have I gotten myself into - the TFTA scam (160 views)
2. Origami flapping bird animation (94 views)
3. Job Vacancies update 17-Aug-2009 (76 views)
4. Facebook ChainRxn graphs and hints (45 views)
5. I fucking hate GAME shops (45 views)
6. Does Shisha kill (44 views)
7. London Bloggers Meetup - Ebay (44 views)
8. Facebook IQ test gubbins (36 views)
9. Facebook Scramble graphs (32 views)
10. Animation with windows movie maker (24 views)
Thats it for Septmber's blog stat pron. If there's any other metrics you want to know about this blog, let me know in the comments.

For October expect more posts about Songkick, and I'm going to go batshit crazy and try networking with even more people at the London Blogger's Meetup.

London will be mine.

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