Sunday, 25 October 2009

Glasgow - The Bowlie years

I was trying to find the video I did from Indietracks of Davyboy Pope playing "If You Don't Pull" in the marquee on the Saturday night, but there's only a brief clip of it in the middle of this. Maybe I'd slung the full length video on some other video hosting site, for a few moments I tried to remember the names of other sites I used.

It was then I came to Vimeo, and rather than an old Just Joans vid, I found this that I'd started putting together last year.

Bowlie in Glasgow 2000 to 2007 rough edit 4 from Chris Gilmour on Vimeo.

I'd lost interest before I finished it properly, and now I guess I'll never get round to it. Its most footage of a jaunt I took up to Scotland in the middle of last year, to film my old haunts in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

What it represents is my life from 2000 to 2007 in sequence. The places I've lived, the places I'd been to meet folk from the old Bowlie messageboard, places we'd gone for gigs and drinks and just hung out.

My eyes moistened up a wee bit when I was watching it. Of course, its all in the past, places I may naver go to again.

There's this supermarket near where I grew up in Manchester, I think it's closed now. I can't remember the last time I went there, when I was young we'd go there all the time, and now I feel a little sad that I can't remember the last time I went.

Its the same with places in Glasgow. Places I used to go to loads, I may never go there again.

People too.

I had a schoolchum who died in an accident. We'd drifted apart a bit, but I still remember clearly the last time we met, outside Sainsburys, near the Donald Dewer statue in Glasgow, in the pouring, we just bumped into each other by chance. And a few months later he was gone.

Anyhoo, that video there, that's me remembering Glasgow, in a certain time, in a certain state of mind, from a certain internet messageboard.

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