Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Just Like Delia

Here, this is jalofi rice[sic] that I made myself and then photied using the macro function on my camera.

It looks nice, tastes adequate, nothing special.

Cannellini beans
Ground corriander
Whole cumin
Vegtable oil
Tesco long grain easy cook rice
Random tomatos
Random cheese

I used some dried cannellini beans soaked for two hours then boiled for an hour. Once they're done, put them to the side.

Then I boiled up some vegetable oil, and put in a cup of Tescos Easy-Cook Long Grain Rice, and fried it for a bit, stirring in some double concentrate tomato puree, ground corriander and whole cumin seeds. After about three minutes of stirring, I poured in a cup of boiling water, turned the heat to the lowest setting and put the cannellini beans on top.

Time passes.

I contemplated whether salt or pepper would be needed, its the sort of thing people who know about cooking would add, so I sprinkled and stirred.

Time passes

Its hard to be sure how long, as my computer keeps freezing and tasks that usually take minutes take half an hour. I revisited the rice twice to check if it was cooked, on the first visit I needed to pour in more water, on the second visit it was done.

There followed a gazing into the fridge, finding some ping pong ball sized tomatos, which were chopped up and stirred into the ricey goodness.

More time passed, maybe two minutes. Then I turned the heat off, spooned some of the jalofi rice into a bowl and gazed back into the fridge.

There was cheese, at first it looked okay, then I noticed a vein of blue mould where there should not have been. I hacked at it with a knife until the remaining cheese was mould-less, this I then chopped up into my serving of rice.

It looks alright, aye.


  1. I've been getting a little obsessed with the recipe on the side of ASDA's couscous packet. You should try it.

    Fry up a small onion in a medium-sized frying pan and add some ground ginger, cinnamon and a little cumin (tbh I like it without the cumin). Also add a bit of garlic. I use the stuff in a tube - about a toothbrush full of that should be A-OK.

    When the onion has started to go clear, add 200g or so of couscous. Stir it up so that the oil (they used butter, but I never buy it) has coated the couscous and everything's all mixed up.

    Mix up about 400ml of vegetable stock and add it to the pan, wait until it starts to simmer, and then turn the heat off. Stir in a small handful of raisins and leave the pan covered for 5-10 minutes. They put dried apricots and almonds in with the raisins, but my cupboards aren't so well-stocked. Chopped up cherry tomatoes are a good addition too.

    Eat the tasty goodness. It should be plenty for 2 meals. Yum.

  2. Thats a fine looking couscous recipe, I think I'll try it this afternoon. The raisins sound like an interesting addition