Thursday, 22 October 2009

Process Engineering on the Postal Strike

From the Guardian today
But if the industrial dispute between Royal Mail and the Communication Workers Union (CWU) drags on and more strikes are called, some letters stuck in the system will take even longer to reach their destination.

Jonathan de Carteret, founder of broker Post-Switch, said that Royal Mail was using special warehouses to house the undelivered mail which will get topped up as and when more strikes take place. Letters waylaid by the first strikes will be the last to get delivered because they will be literally at the bottom of the pile.

"While Royal Mail works through the backlog of letters, it's unfortunately a case of first in, last out," he said.
It shows blatant disregard for their customers that they're using 'first in,last out'. It doesn't take much to have a door each end of the warehouse, or some kind or circular system marked out on the floor and a guy wheeling trolleys round.

Really, its not difficult, but for some reason the Royal Mail are just pissing on their customers. This tiny thing isn't much to do with the strike, it just how the organisation wheels round trolleys, they do it in the way that's less hassle for them rather than providing decent service for the customers, the folk who pay for stamps and expect their mail to get through on time.

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