Wednesday, 30 September 2009


I've been ploughing through my gigography on Songkick, figuring out who goes to the most of the same gigs as me, where our gigographies overlap.
FarrellFace - 11 shows
Oddbox - 8 shows
Darve - 7 shows
Miss Ladybug - 7 shows
Nik Vestberg - 5 shows
Out of 33 shows, mostly London
Not surprising really
Oddbox - 30 shows
Darve - 23 shows
Saleandro - 9 shows
KittenPainting - 7 shows
BobUnderexposed - 7 shows
Out of 60 shows, mostly London
A mighty overlap with Oddbox and Darve there
Oddbox - 14 shows
Darve - 5 shows
Jona - 5 shows
Nastily - 3 shows
BobUnderexposed - 3 shows
Out of 89 shows, divided between London and Glasgow
Nastily was my female companion at the time, and for the rest of the Scottish gigs it was almost like I was the only person there registered on Songkick.

For 2004 to 2006 the only folk who are on the site who went to more than one of the same gig as me are Jona, Katrina and Ink Wilson.

I think this would be more interesting if more of the Glasgow set were there.

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