Friday, 16 October 2009

Just Like Delia Smith

Continuing my on-going series of blogposts about what I've made for dinner (apart from last night where I obviously didn't just have bread for dinner) today's dish was from Delia Smith's How to Cook Book One, also on this webpage here, Spaghetti with olive vegetable oil, garlic and chilli.

Its not so much that I'm running out of food, but, I just fancied using some spaghetti and didn't have anything else to go with it. Well, I had a few eggs, but Delia didn't have a carbonara recipe in the book I had. You don't really need a recipe for carbonara, just a few eggs and ham/bacon stirred into your spag, even the ham/bacon is optional (in my world).

Pickled chillis
Stolen garlic
Vegetable oil
Ground pepper

So, spaghetti cooked in a small saucepan. Pickled chillis drained and chopped up small. Small sliverish garlic clove stolen from from the flatmate who's shelf is above mine, sliced finely.

Drain the spaghetti in a colinder thing, and use the saucepan to boil up a little too much vegetable oil. Chuck in the chilli and the garlic. Remember something about pepper and salt, add some, stir it up a bit, turn the heat down, then turn the heat off. Add the spaghetti, shake it around a bit so everything's all covered, and serve.

Possibly too much pepper, but it was yum.

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