Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Thousands of years until now

Home baking has been banned from schools in Dundee because the council believes it is a health risk.

Letters were sent to parents at a city primary telling them that the cake stall would not be allowed at the end-of-term fun day.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) said home-made cakes on school stalls should be safe to eat as long as the bakers followed good hygiene rules.

A Dundee City Council spokesman said: "Head teachers have been issued with advice not to sell home-made food goods at events organised by the school itself.

"The decision has been taken by the education department on health and safety grounds."
For thousands of years mankind has been able to make it's own food, make bread and cakes and scones, we've been pretty successful. But now, in the name of Health 'n' Safety, we have been prohibited.

By who's authority can Dundee City Council do this? Its fucking insane.

H/T Robbie

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