Monday, 1 June 2009

Blog stat pron - May

Good afternoon and welcome to my regular first day of the month blog traffic stats review. According to google analytics, for May, this blog got:-
920 Absolute Unique Visitors
2,027 Pageviews
Compared to April's
927 Absolute Unique Visitors
1,823 Pageviews
Uniques are down from last month, but pageviews are up a wee bit. Statcounter reckons I have 1,530 Unique Visitors, about a fiftieth of what Craig Murray gets. I'm small-fry me. Statcounter has me getting an average of 63 pageloads per day, so the target for June is 70 ppd.

Feed metrics:
11 subscribers - GoogleReader
3 subscribers - Bloglines
3 followers - Blogger
These are my top referers for May (not including google wanderers)
1. Facebook - 89 visitors (up 19)
2. Mark Wadsworth - 69 visitors
3. Twitter - 60 visitors (up 10)
4. Longrider - 22 visitors
5. Landed Underclass - 18 visitors (up 6)
6. Mark's Any Musings - 18 visitors
7. EUReferendum - 14 visitors
8. Mark Reckons - 13 visitors
9. Counting Cats in Zanzibar - 8 visitors (down 36)
10. Devils Kitchen - 8 visitors
So referrals are up slightly from last month, its funny how they change from month to month, theomorphic even. I've accepted the use of Facebook and Twitter to pimp posts here, I know in my heart its kind of cheating but "within the rules".

Lets take a brief moment to consider which were the most viewed posts during April.
1. Facebook IQ test gubbins (132 views)
2. We're from the internet, we're here to help (119 views)
3. Ranking Libertarians (84 views)
4. Guide to doing animations on Windows Movie Maker (47 views)
5. MPs self-published expenses (41 views)
6. Origami instructions (36 views)
7. Libertarian Menu (35 views)
8. Facebook Scramble graphs (34 views)
9. LIBOR spread graph (29 views)
10. Last month's blog stat pron (22 views)

Thats it for May's blog stat pron. If there's any other metrics you want to know about this blog, let me know in the comments.

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