Tuesday, 2 June 2009

MP's who've stepped down

This is my wee list of MP's who've stepped down lately, broadly in response to the Expenses scandal.
Fraser, Christopher - Conservative
Hogg, Douglas - Conservative
Kirkbride, Julie - Conservative
Mackay, Andrew - Conservative
Steen, Anthony - Conservative
Viggers, Peter - Conservative
Winterton, Ann - Conservative
Winterton, Nicholas - Conservative
Chapman, Ben - Labour
Chaytor, David - Labour
Hewitt, Patricia - Labour
Hughes, Beverley - Labour
Malik, Shahid - Labour
Martin, Michael - Labour
McCartney, Ian - Labour
Moran, Margaret - Labour
Morley, Elliott - Labour
Smith, Jacqui - Labour
Smith, John - Labour
Watson, Tom - Labour

That's eight Tories and twelve Labourettes or...
4.1% Tories
3.5% Labourettes
Hmph, a couple of those MPs are somewhat debateable, since they're still there, they are still MPs. Still no one brave enought to just resign. Well, except Michael Martin, but he gave himself a month's notice, so it hardly counts.

This list is subtly different to the one on Wikipedia of MP's who've announced their retirement at the next election, which is a lot longer.

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  1. You should probably add Labour MP Ian Gibson to that list as he announced that he was standing down as an MP with immediate effect after the Star Chamber told him he would not be selected as a candidate at the next election.

    I think that a by-election is imminent in Norwich.