Friday, 12 June 2009

My Gigography on Songkick

Aw man, I'm having great fun adding my gigography to

Songkick is this newish social sharingy database of gigs. According to their About Us Page, they've got around a million gigs on the database, so I looked up a few of my favourite gigs and found I was going to have to add them myself.

So far I've logged in 240 gigs in the last fourteen years, by a weird quirk of fate its been exactly fourteen years today since my first gig, Cast with The Longpigs at the Boardwalk in Manchester.

It averages out to about one and a half gigs per month, but I've still got loads more to add.

I think my gig life broadly falls into four epoques
  • Manchester schooldays (1995-1997 - 27 gigs)
  • Glasgow Unidays (1997-2001 - 83 gigs)
  • Glasgow Working (2001-2004 - 53 gigs)
  • Glasgow Managing (2004-2007 - 14 gigs)
  • London (2007-present - 71 gigs)
Where that Glasgow Managing is where its bands like The Plimptons and The Deep Fried Wolfknuckles. It looks like I still need to add shows from the last while in Glasgow, but it's going to be difficult, most of the 13th Note and Nice n Sleazy shows didn't have tickets and I'd see the same bands playing again and again, so its hard to be sure.

As it stands right now, my top venues for gigs are as follows
which suggests I need to add more 13th Note shows, I was there almost ever week for months on end, The Cottiers Theatre and Sleazys and Stereo too.

And my top bands are
  • MJ Hibbett - 11 gigs
  • Belle and Sebastian - 8 gigs
  • Pocketbooks - 8 gigs
  • Idlewild - 7 gigs
  • The School - 6 gigs
  • Camera Obscura - 5 gigs
  • Darren Hayman - 5 gigs
Somewhat Lacking is evidence of Plimptons shows, am I scared of putting them all on? And The Just Joans, and Owsley Sunshine and Gresham Flyers and aw man, I've missed so much already.

So yeah, Songkick is my new favourite website

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