Friday, 19 June 2009

Still early doors

Back in the early days of, it was easy to game the system, you could rename MP3s and they'd show up on the track lists for bands, you could leave your puter playing the same artist overnight and you'd be the biggest fan in the morning. I remember Belle and Sebastian's most popular tune being a Plimptons cover.

They soon tightened up their software, and the sheer weight of people signed up meant there was always a bigger and more legit fan out there in the ether, someone who listened to the artist more without and skulduggery.

But its still early days on Songkick, and for a few of the bands I've seen, I'm the person who's seen then more times than anyone else in the world on Songkick, I'm the biggest fan. Not you, not some guy from the forum, just me.

Its not going to last forever, I can think of dozens of people who've seen my favourite acts more often than I have, but they're not signed up yet. So I'm the biggest fan.

These are acts that I've seen more often than anyone else on Songkick:-

The Plimptons - 50 times
MJ Hibbett and/or The Validators - 22 times
Pocketbooks - 13 times (surpassed by Trev OddBox -Jun-2009)
Pete Green - 10 times (surpassed by Trev OddBox -Jun-2009)
Belle and Sebastian - 8 times (surpassed by Katrina75 -Jun-2009)
Flyer - 8 times
The Hector Collectors - 8 times
The School - 8 times
Camera Obscura - 7 times
Idlewild - 7 times
The Just Joans - 7 times
The Stars of Aviation - 7 times
The Gresham Flyers - 7 times
The Give It Ups - 5 times

This won't last long.


  1. your posts about songkick are the coolest!

    sorry to tell you that oddbox already took your top spot for the pocketbooks. the same way you took mine... :)

  2. I'm trying to resist being competitive, and getting the Pocketbooks spot back from him.