Monday, 22 June 2009

Names of the dead - Iran election protests

Wikipedia is a bit vague about how many people have been killed in the protests in Iran,
28 confirmed and 150 unconfirmed from June 20 protests
By my reckoning the deaths occurred as follows
Sunday June 14
5 students killed (The Guardian)
- Fatemeh Barati
- Kasra Sharafi
- Mobina Ehterami
- Kambiz Shoaee (Sho'a'i / Shojaii)
- Mohsen Imani
Tuesday June 16
8 protesters killed (youtube) (CNN reports 19 deaths)
Thursday Jun 18
1 student
- Mustafa Ghanian (source)
Friday June 19
10 people died (BBC)
Saturday June 20
1 young woman
- Neda Soltani (Agha-Soltan) (wikipedia)
1 twelve year old boy (source)
1 student shot in the head
- Kaveh Alipour (Wall Street Journal)
So aye, in the the fog of the internet and censorship and the mob, its difficult to keep track and be certain of how many people have been killed. But it shouldn't be so. These people were living breathing people, with friends and family, to know whether they are alive or not isn't a vague thing.

UPDATE 24-Jun-2009

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  1. Yasaman Fallah23 June 2009 at 18:57

    It is so sad to see this list.

    They should be called Hero's.

    I send out my deepest sympathy for the families whose loved ones were killed.

    Yasaman Fallah