Monday, 15 June 2009

Found photos

I'm still populating my gigography on Songkick, determined to break an average of two gigs a month. At the moment I'm on about 1.8 or 344 over a 14 year period.

They've already automatically ported over all the gigs I'd said I'd gone to on, and now I'm trying to fill in the gaps.

Half-remembered shows from bands during dry spells in Glasgow. Trying my damnedest to find the exact date and venue. Was I there? At that gig? or just a similar one a month later?

Some famous people and me!
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Luckily in some obscure corners there's incontrovertible evidence I was there then. Like this photo for example which I just discovered on some random chap's flickr account, neatly labelled by Paul Pahtotheworld.

If you look real hard you can find Gerry from Teenage Fanclub, Eugene Kelly and Stephen Pastel in the back of the shot. That's Pat Nevin on my right basking in the glory of his DJ set.


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pahtotheworld says:

that's Chris Gilmour behind your shoulder
Posted 32 months ago. ( permalink )

Those were the days,
Was there then.

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