Saturday, 20 September 2008


Saw Bill Drummond last night doing a book reading/signing thing for his new book 17.

It was a little bit boring, but he appears to be an identical back of head twin with Gav King of Partick, back of head-wise it's like they were seperated at birth. I tried to explain it to my brother and sister-in-law, but by the time I'd explained allabout why he was called King of Partick and the thing in Friends with Joeys identical hand twin, Bill had gone and it was impossible to see the back of his head. I should have taken a photie.

Anyhoo, throughout the book he's got these musical scores, instructions of how to recreate The17. I thought I'd have a go.

I think, practically, I've only achieved my score with The Plimptons, MJ Hibbett and Pete Green.

Seventeen gigs is a hell of a lot, it gets numbing after a while, that's what the score tries to express. Whilst you can easily listen to an album over and over again over a series of months, seeing a live show, as a more embracing experience, it gets kind of choking.

That popshow in Brighton a few weeks back, I thought it would be a fun jaunt out to the wilds, but it almost killed me. It took about three weeks before I could bring myself to go to any more shows. And even then its like scar tissue, the feeling's no there.

Seeing March of Dimes on Thursday was more about seeing Seaney Boy from university than a musical performance, it was trying to reach back and try again differently.

The music was good and I've been listening to the CD on repeat, kind of like My Sad Captains americana with the starkness and instrumentation of Butcher Boy and was rather nifty epic lead guitar work. If I had a way I get my gig promoter chums to chase them up for more shows in the Sheffield/Nottingham/London scenes.

And seeing MJ Hibbett the other night at the Buffalo, was like a warm security blanket after a crap day at work, the wee nods of 'was there then' and knowing about the songs as I lurked in the shadows.

Actually, it was the first time I'd been to the Buffalo Bar in ages and ages, and I drifted off into the dark days of last year, thinking we'd see each other there more often, hang out at shows, be closer together, but that's a whole parallel universe away.

I think I'm pretty lost right now.

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