Monday, 8 September 2008

Manufacturing engineering problem of the day #1

Take a look at the three JEC JS-608R rocker switches below.

JS-608R (a) Rocker switch (a)

JS-608R (b) Rocker switch (b)

JS-608R (c) Rocker switch (c)

Whilst they all say on them that they are JEC JS-608R rocker switches, only one of them is actually a JS-608R rocker switch, the others are something else. I dunno if they are fakes, or just from a different batch, but they're crap, we can't use them. Using them would be a bad thing.

Here's the spec drawing for it

Now, can you see which of the photies is the correct one?

Yeah, me too. Now I've got to go through our stock of them and segregate the crap ones. And then figure out how we got the crap ones.

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