Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Bloggery Meetup

This time The London Bloggers Meetup was sponsored by Smirnoff who had some cocktail mixing folk on hand to come up with cocktails based on our blogs.

I wasn't really in the mood, work is a wee bit stressful, or I get too stressed by things that shouldn't stress me, but after waving a flag on Facebook, Merhdad dragged me along.

I was my usual immensely shy self, lurking about two foot away and to the right behind Merhdad, but it was kind of reassuring to see familiar face there. The vibe has changed a little from 'who are you and how can I use you?' to 'oh its you again and how's it coming along?'.

Bloggers who I spoke or silently mouthed hi to whilst bobbing my head or butted into the conversations of include:-
Flash Tom
Peter Marshall
Krista Londonelicious
Dr. Zoe
(Aw man, I think I've forgotten about four people... think think think... later)

Impressed by folk's ever more impressive moo card holders, and got carried away sketching plans for a moo card machine gun

I told the barkeep that my blog was about engineering, so I was expecting something that tasted of motor oil and disinfectant, luckily instead I got a cherry syrup and ginger based vodka thing.

Here's a video of the chap mixing it.

Its about six minutes long, you don't get those minutes back, ever. And the soundtrack is just crowd noise, I ought to edit it, and sling on some tunes. Heck I haven't even watched the video back myself yet, who knows what it sounds and looks like. The mic probably picked up my suggestion at three minutes of using ground up beetles in the cocktail to add bite and tang, and then at five minutes where I'm pouring out my heart to the barman and pointing out who I'm scared of talking to and who I wish I could speak to.

Ooh, free vokda!!!!

At about 9:30pm I became aware, a wee nagging feeling, that when someone asks me what I blog about and I replied Manufacturing Engineering, and then the next person asserts that I blog about pictures of naked women, its a bit disingenuous, and maybe comes across like I talk a lot of shit.

Here's a list of the blogs I currently update
Chris Gilmour's Diary Vol. 14 - Existential crisises and personal random blogging
Last night From Glasgow Indie Eyespy - Live music reviews and crap photos
Naked Chicks on Post-It Notes - Its art, not safe for work
Naked Pigeons on Post-It Notes - Its art, safe for work
Ill Theatre - Personal blog as a webcomic
Man Eng Man - The UK's favourite Manufacturing Engineering blog (this one's new)

Not so much someone with varied interested, more like a child covering the whole house in crayon.


  1. Good seeing you again last night. (Yes, I put it together after I left--you're the naked chicks on post it notes guy!) Thanks for the link!

  2. Hi Chris

    Was great to see you last night. Who would have thought it - a coctail inspired by engineering! I wonder if there are many engineering projects that have been inspired by cocktails... ;)

    On behalf of Smirnoff and the rest of the team here at Splendid - thanks for dropping by last night.