Sunday, 29 May 2011

Plants and stuff: Garden mapping

We started plugging things into the garden with no plan, no idea where things should go or how it would work, just this urge to make use of the land we had available.

Things have taken root, things have grown, things now cannot be moved.

Which is a shame, cos some tranches get a great deal of sunshine and some parts do not get so much. I was pondering this a little too much and so I've created a shadow map, showing which bits of the garden gets get the most sun, and which does get so much.

A rough diagram where everything was in the garden, then every hour or so draw on where the line of the shadows was.

We can clearly see that the right (south) side of the garden by the fence gets no direct sunlight at all. And overhanging tree things cast a shadow over the top (east) side a little more than I'd like. Rather counter intuitively the area under the fire escape steps gets quite a bit of direct sunlight.

With this new knowledge in mind we can set about on round two of planting stuff.

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