Thursday, 19 May 2011

Fitness Regime: Spring 2011- pipped at the post

Bah! I say, BAH!! Winter beat me.

Well, me in winter beat me in spring. My fitness regime kind of petered out towards the end of my almost traditional 39 day season. Mostly because I went away on holiday for three nights, but I ought to have been able to catch the up if I wasn't so damned lazy and ill-disciplined.

Anyhoo, now the 39 days are up, I can reflect on my progress a bit more objectively. Here, we can look at this graph of my the average distance I worked out on the cross trainer each day.

I started off in pretty much the same fashion as my winter feat, doing it for a few days then taking a few days off so the average fell, but then, with great will power, I maintained a steady 12.6km per day so my average rose, a lot more than back in winter, when I was mostly doing 10.5km. But I seem to have peaked at an average of 8km a day. Sure, when I worked out I did 12km, but then I was taking day's off which brought the average down. Compare that with Winter when my average just kept on rising until the end of the 39 days.

This next graph shows my speed for each session, bear in mind that 20km/h on the cross trainer doesn't quite match 20km/h jogging or running.

Success, broadly I was going faster in Spring than I was in Winter. The latter bumbling around at 20km/h, and in Spring, more like 21.5km/h.

So, what does all that look like?

Sorry ladies, I'm taken.

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