Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Shares and Stuff: My top tips

Its been a month since I started wading in the murky depths of buying shares, and to date I've made a loss of about £40. As I said before, I bought about £250's worth each of Royal Bank of Scotland(LON:RBS), Kenmare (LON:KMR) and Halfords (LON:HFD) shares

The other week I sold the RBS and Kenmare cos they were looking shite. The taxpayer subsidized banking sector is doing down the swannie, with Lloyds giving up on some court case and now having to set aside £3billion to pay as compensation to folk who they'd mis-sold insurance to. Bear in mind that Lloyds don't have £3billion, its all taxpayers money, they're just moving it from one bunch of taxpayers to another. RBS will have to do the same. They're all just a load of shite. And Kenmare, they announced that all was going well and the prices of their products is going up, but that didn't affect their share price. So both RBS and Kenmare are about 42p a share now, compared to the 45p I bought them at.

Halfords is a bit of a success story, if only I'd just bought shares in Halfords. They're up about 11% in the month I've had them, so that's earned me back the commission fee and then some. I'm going to keep hold of Halfords for the summer.

But could I be doing better?

Sure, the housing market. I'm not quite in a position to but a house right now, I still need to make a my fortune with shares, but housing is where its at. Take a look at RightMove, the property website (LON:RMV) and Savills, the estate agents and property management people (LON:SVS). They've done pretty well over the past month compared to my benchmark Halfords.

And check out the past six months. Yeah, I think RightMove is my next big investment opportunity for shares and stuff. Over the past twelve months they've gone up 59%. Compare that to 3.3% return you'd get for a decent ISA, your money could be earning twenty times as much if you want to take the risk.

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