Sunday, 5 June 2011

Dreams: On completing computer games

You know when you die and in some religions and belief systems, you're judged. Maybe at some pearly gates, some gent called Peter is deciding whether to let you in.

Yeah, sure, if you've done bad stuff like killing people, or pushing in front of queues, that really counts against you badly. But like if you've saved people's lives and always waited patiently in queues then that's a good thing, you get extra heaven bonus points or something. You probably broadly agree with that.

And book, reading books all the way through thats a positive, you get points for it, it broadens your mind, and enriches your life and the whole human race. So I reckon starting books and not finishing them, that's going to count against you right? Otherwise you could just go to a library and read the first page of loads of books, and rack up the points, so, you only get points if you finish a book.

Are we all agreed?


So now, computer games. I'm thinking to get a good gig in heaven with the maximum number of heaven points, the same logic applies and completing computer games is something I've got to do.

I'm comfortable with buying games and never playing them, heck I have plenty of Xbox 360 games, but no console to play them on.

But starting games and playing them a bit, and giving up, that's a big no no.

Its a matter of after-life and death, right?

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