Monday, 2 May 2011

Fitness Regime: Spring 2011- kicking Winter's ass

Weel, my most recent fitness regime is going great. By some feat of technology I still have my spreadsheet from my last tranche of cross-trainer addiction, so its easy enough to add another few columns and track my progress against how I did a few months back.

We acquired a small cross trainer about a year ago, its a bit rattly compared to the ones you get in proper gyms, and the electronics are a bit basic, but its good enough for my purposes even if I do have to oil it up with WD40 every two days.

Back around Christmas I felt I was getting a bit fat, the reflection in the mirror had more jowls than I remember and the way my stomach spilled over my belt was a little sickening. So I got on the cross trainer.

My strategy would have two main tactics:-
Aim to exercise every single day
Every day do a little more than the day before, either faster or further

See, I reckon to really lose weight and get fit, its not enough to occasionally go to the gym, or while away an hour or so with a stroll. No, you've got to push yourself, not to the peak of human perfection, Lynford Christie, Zola Budd, Daly Thompson, Usain Bolt, better than everyone else in the world, just a little better than you were yesterday. That's all its takes.

Followers of my internet ramblings may remember the tumblr what I started back in January, Fat Ill and Ancient, that kind of petered out after around 40 days. I grew bored, or caught a cold or just didn't feel like exercising for a few days and by the time I'd skipped three days, the dream was over.

Now, some way into April, I noticed those jowls returning and my belly had no definition or recognisable muscles, so I hopped back on the cross trainer and started again.

That was about three weeks ago. Now look at this graph.

This graph shows that compared to day 20 of January's fitness regime, I've gone about 40km further. Admittedly crosstrainer kilometres don't map jogging kilometres very well, but I've done 50% more than I did fourth months ago.

Not only that but back in winter, it took me thirty-five days to build up the stamina to do the great 25km distance in one day, whilst this time round I've built up the stamina in half the time.

Not only is my distance better, but check out this graph.

This graph shows the average speed for each session. I don't know about you but I can clearly see that this time round, I'm going a lot faster than I was last time. I'm averaging 21.5km/h, compared to 20.5km/h last time.

I rule, I so kick the ass of my three months younger self. If I had some kind of time machine, and went back three months, and by some convoluted chain of events challenged myself to crosstraining race, I would so win. In your face 32 year old me, cos 32.5 is where its at. YEAH!

But I hear you ask, what does this mean in more visual terms?

It means, the first inklings of a six pack.

Ladies, steady yourselves.

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