Sunday, 2 May 2010

NHS cuts

I know its controversial, but I don't see anything wrong with cutting NHS budgets. Its not going to affect front line staff much, most people will barely notice.

I don't mean uniform cuts across the board, 10% off every department budget, just a couple of well placed drastic cuts. Here, look at this graph.

Can you envisage cutting GPs pay by 50%, so it has parity with MP's pay again? Same comparitive remuneration as they had before 2002?

There's about 36,000 GPs in the UK, so currently they get paid a total of about £4,500,000,000. The total NHS budget is around £102,000,000,000. So aye, cutting GP's pay by 50% would cut the NHS total budget by about 2%.

Maybe, this is a little heartless and before 2002 GPs were woefully underpaid, and its only now that they're paid as much as they're due.

Up until very recently I was working in a sandwich factory making sandwiches for minimum wage, I feel I was woefully underpaid for the job I was doing. Without sandwich makers such as myself thousands of office workers would starve, should I have been paid more?

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