Thursday, 6 May 2010

Cashing in while they still can

God knows where I read it, but there was a thing about whats going down in Greece where civil servants get paid a huge lump sum when they retire, and they can retire from the age of 45, its all unsustainable and as a result of the government trying to do something about it, the country is on fire and dragging the European Union into the flames.

Anyhoo, elsewhere in the European Union, on the sunny shores of Camden, Jim Wintour, the Housing Director chap, has resigned from his £158,000 a year job. Tracy suggests three reasons:-
Much speculation as to why he quit:

A. He finally met and experienced first hand the gaggle of truly awful graspy, lying, devious so-called 'leading' tenant reps we have lurking about in Camden and thought 'what the fook get me out of here'.

B. He has taken the fall for a workforce that is a law unto itself.

C. He made the mistake of giving interviews to a local newspaper and admitted that the council was at fault over a matter to do with the housing of a local disabled woman who died in her council flat. This type of behaviour (displaying a degree of integrity) is wholly unacceptable when working for the 'firm' and will be punished accordingly.
I've heard differently, that he actually emailed out his reasons for leaving to all the council employees, that like in Greece, Jim Wintour heard that the powers that be were going to be tinkering with retirement packages, so he's jumped to maximise his pension.

However much is in his pension pot must dwarf the £158,000 he's currently on.

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