Monday, 31 May 2010

Ubuntu Robots

Eeep, I got up to level 16 on the Robots game on my wee Ubuntu netbook.

Its an old game, there was a Doctor Who version of it on the Amstrad CPC 464, from an Amstrad Action cover tape/disk. The basic premise of the Ubuntu version is you start at the centre of a 45 x 30 square playing field, upon which are a two types of killer robots, you take it in turns to move. You can move one square in any direction, the robots move either one or two square towards you. If they touch you you die, if they crash into each other they blow up and leave a pile of debris.

One each level there are 10 additional robots, so on level 16, that I arrived at last night, there are 160 robots, that is, one for every eight and a bit squares. It was pretty crowded.

I died after four moves.

There's not much of a strategy really, after a while it all comes down to chance, and to get to level 16 I was just very lucky.

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