Monday, 31 May 2010


Went away to the countryside this weekend, out towards Salisbury to track down ancient monuments.

Sadly, I missed the turn off to our hotel and a few moments later, in very slow moving traffic, the back windscreen of my Smart Car shattered. Apparently it happens quite often in older model Smarts where the demister heating element has such a shape that stresses build up and then cause a catastrophic failure.

As Monty Python taught us with Mrs. Niggerbater, well, things explode every day?

Although, for me, it kind of put a dampener on the whole weekend. The weather was pretty shite too.

The insurance mob were unable to do anything speedily, what with Smart car back windscreens not quite being an 'off the shelf' part, and it being a goddamn bank holiday weekend so no one really wanted to scour the nation's car parts depots looking for the blasted thing anyway. So, instead we soldiered on to Stonehenge and after discovering that the entrance fee was £6.90, we went and had a look at Woodhenge instead.

Torrential rain soon followed, I patched up my back windscreen hole with Lidl cardboard and we retired to the hotel for Eurovision.

The next morning, under beautiful sunshine, I drove back to London with my tail between my legs.

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