Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Washing up survey

Well, the results are all in, and in terms of when people do the washing up, given the three options of:-
  • After cooking, but before eating
  • Just after eating
  • Sometime later

The results look like this
Cos as well as putting a survey on this website, I put the same poll a few other places as well, to get a more diverse or perhaps balanced picture. The wee graphs for each 'sample population' look a bit like this
The actual numbers of respondants behind it, with a total of 119, votes break down like this
And since we're in the business of breaking down to individual populations, you can't quite say that most people who read my blog wash their pots and pans before eating the food they've just cooked, because five of those votes came from the same IP address, but different computers, within a five minute period. Which kind of suggests some who doesn't know about deleting cookies running round the office and using everyone else's computers to vote.

So if we adjust the numbers so that five of those votes just count as one person, the graph looks like this
Its a clearer trend, no matter how you add it or average it
So now, if confronted with the opinion "Most people wash their stuff before they start eating," we have some broad statistical data to show the accurate response is "No, you're clearly insane, most people don't, most people leave washing stuff until some point in the future, heck, I think I might even go to bed and do the washing up in the morning."

For the less knowing folk who might use this data for later research, each sample group is outlined below
Nuddy chick army - viewers of the naked chicks on post-it notes website, these are 78% male / 22% female, 50% American / 50% rest of the world
ill and ancient - friends and acquaintances of mine, 16 to 40 years of age, 80% UK, 60% female
bowlii - me, Rosiebunny and KenJuggle
bowlie - users of the now defunct bowlie.com messageboard

For those who prefer their graphs with bars


  1. i think a bar chart would have been more effective

  2. It would have been more accurate, but less visually appealing