Tuesday, 5 August 2008


More from my personal history thing on Bowli, I think I'm missing great swathes of adventures and people. But hey, if I mention everyone by name and who I was dry humping and when, there'd be complaints.
We posted regularly, every day, madcap schemes, times of crisis, emotional support, new bands, old bands. There was a nother meetup arranged, same place, slightly different people, fewer people, Dave in the dumps, killiedaft, Prost, we wandered to record shops, we drank coffee.

Time passed again, Belle and Sebastian released Jonathan David and played a show at The Barrowlands, there was going to be loads of us there, we met in the dark and swapped tapes and CDs.

I moved house, graduated from university, worked as as temp and I got myself a girlfriend. The relationship wasn't much cop, and I spent a great deal of time moaning about the girl on the messageboard. We broke up after the requiit six months and I got on with my life.

What was this, 2002?

A gentleman called John was starting an indie club night in the West End at the Woodside Social club, it was to be called The National Pop League, and folk from Bowlie were travelling the length of the country to attend the first one.

Me and my flatmate went along, to see what it was like.

It was dark and I didn't know anyone there, we spoke to no one. These were people off of the internet who I'd never met in real life, I didn't know what they looked like.

The next month my flatmate and I were a little more confident, we chatted to some spanish girls who were at National Pop League.

Was it the end of 2002? Belle and Seb were playing at Glasgow QMU, some of us were to meet up beforehand, once again, I had no idea what anyone looked like, but located some girl who I'd gone on quite well with online, but alas no chemistry whatsoever in real life. I remember Stuart on stage begging the crowd to be quiet so he could sing oh come oh come emmanuel, it was a bit naff so I wandered home.

It was about six month down the line that Lars Wishing suggested a few of us meeting for a drink before Pop League/ We met in Bar Oz, just down Great Western Road, there were four of us there, Lars, Chandelier, Sillygirl and me. In the Woodside there were other folk off of Bowlie that I was introduced to, Num Num first then others, pixels on the screen became cute pop kids dancing and we got very very drunk.

Is that when the golden age started? I dunno, it was a bit of a rollercoaster of club nights, bands, gigs, parties, friends and drinking.

The Jeepster messageboard changed its name to Bowlie, I moved house, and introduced more friends to the forum, the scene grew and pulsated.

When was the Anti-War March? was that 2004? I'm getting confused on dates here. Quite a few of us turned out for that, it was rather jolly. I have fond memories of eating Sillygirl's chocolate coated coffee beans as we surged through the quays.

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