Sunday, 17 August 2008


Amusing adventure on the bus home last night. Now, its not often you hear the recorded announcement "All passengers must leave the bus immediately", but together with the smell of burnt rubber filling them bus.

We'd escaped from HDIF early, just after uncle K had done his DJing, and found a bus. It was weaving round dark streets near mysterious London park, when the bus pulled over and didn't start moving again.

Then came the announcement, everyone on the top deck stayed in their seats, glancing nervously at each other until I stood up and headed for the stairs.

Alas, there wasn't much smoke or flames. Just looked like there was a pool of coolant leaking underneath.

A couple of replacement buses came long in about ten minutes.

Not that exciting really.

Ooh, but there was this guy at the bus stop wearing really cool golden dancing shoes and silver jeans.

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