Saturday, 2 August 2008


Odd thing, I went to the supermarket yesterday, and rather than head straight to the ready meals and pot noodle department, I stood in the fresh veg section and pondered what to buy. In ma heid I could see images of food, meals prepared by hand, the possibilities of ginger root and red onions, sweet potato mixed wth regular potatoe in mash.

Hey, this may be a normal occurance for folk, but for me it happens about every eighteen months. Scurry ye, scurry back to the annals of my blog trail, consult the spreadsheets, what happens every eighteen months or so? And what has happened now?


Went to Nottingham last night, this you already know from reading the gig review here. It was rather fine fun, chatting to folk off of the internet and from gigs, gazing at the bands from a safe distance.

And now, feelings of emptiness. A boring Saturday spent stabbing the keyboard and watching Mighty. I feel a sense of loss, something has slipped away.

Still time to finish my tea, go jogging and wonder to the cinema on my own, catch Batman

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