Friday, 22 August 2008


Trying to think of a decent name for video webcasts of bands playing gigs in my bedroom, just like Last Night From Glasgow used to be, but cooler and now in London.

Ideas so far include:-
  • Live From Wembley (alas I don't live in Brent any more)
  • Last Night In Bed
  • Last Night From Glasgow From London
  • Last Night From Glasgow But From London
  • Last Night From London
  • Last Night's Gig
  • Annoy My Flatmate
  • Flatmate Annoyed

Aw man, this is going to be world domination once it gets going, but it needs to be right. How many pageviews did I lose on Glasgow Indie Eyespy, Last Night From Glasgow and Last Night From Glasgow Indie Eyespy because the names weren't snappy or memorable enough?

Or have I come so far with this millstone that there's no going back. Sack that, the whole 'in for a penny, in for a pound'-thing is bullshit. I can get it right fourth time lucky. I just need a name.

Any suggestions warmly appreciated.

And While you're thinking about that, here's some of my favourite shows from the first run of Last Night From Glasgow

The Great Money Trick - Final Feeling

Blitzhoney - America

The Just Joans - Friday Afternoons Down The Union

Scunner - Lost at the Fair

Tom Snowball

St Deluxe - Its So Hard To Fall In Love

Top google search term to find this blog today
the murder of chris gilmore

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