Monday, 15 October 2007

Links and moans

This is apparently a popular thing on the Facebook London Network, students wanting a 30% Oystercard discount. Several points...
Can they no just go to a university closer to where they live and walk?
Can they no just walk? Its not that far.
According to the event info section on the FaceBook profile, its a "Cause - Protest", I disagree, its not exactly a protest, its a petition.
I'm not a student, I work, can I have a 30% Oystercard discount too? Why not?

Elsewhere on the 'net...

here, I rather like the concept of the death of the newspaper not being the internet's fault, more likely the fault of too many information sources out there. On the underground there's three different free papers lying around The London Lite, The London Paper and The Metro. Actually they're not three different free papers, they're almost all exactly the same. Same news stories, same photos, same crap. None of them cover the gigs I go to or the news I'm interested in hearing.

Which is rather smugly why my gig review website is so good, cos it does cover the gigs I go to.

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