Thursday, 11 October 2007

I'm really getting into this database business. At the moment I have ten different tables, and about four different part number lists, which I'll have to pull together later. I've mastered forms and sub-forms with wee nodules of SQL code, but I fear that generating reports could be a bit tricky.

I'm starting to suspect that using Open Office's database, whilst good for starting out into this new world, isn't going to cale well and I ought to be using MySQL. So can I export everything from OpenOffice to MySQL, and I mean everything, tables, forms and all, or will I only be able to export the tables and'll have to recreate all the relationships and forms?

At what point can I quit the database admin and management business and get back to manufacturing engineering?

Ooh, gigs tonight, with people and faces.

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  1. You can move the data into MySQL easily enough. the advantage of that is that you can then use any front-end you like to get at the data, the mysql commandline, a custom web application, etc. i tend to use phpmyadmin. i have read that you can also continue to use your openoffice forms, but i haven't tried this myself.