Friday, 19 October 2007


Ma heid's failing, at work when I'm doing the more repetative tasks I'm drifting away into the past, into pacific lulls, Madrid, Toledo and Sevilla, parkland in Glasgow's night time southside and east side cinemas.

The crippling loneliness last night at a gig, I sat at a side in a half empty room, scribbling to no end. Its like I need to fill my evenings in a darkvaliant attempt, cinemas, gigs, bands, animation.

I've ordered a load of DVDs.

I'm going to watch all of Buffy, and then all of Angel and then all of Smallville, and all of 24 and all of Lost and all of Heros. It'll take me a while and it should kill off just a little of my urgency. But it needs to be done.

God bless DVD price deflation and Amazon.

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  1. after that lot you could start on all of Star Trek!