Sunday, 28 October 2007


Today I am mostly sat on my bed surfing the internet. Last night's failed attempt at watching all of Season 1 of Buffy resulted in the creation of this

74 post-it notes of an acquaintance in from Glasgow's music scene, why? Why not? Its kind of art and we all want to get into film somehow. Feel free to spread the video far and wide on every music and animation and arty website you happen to dabble in. I could become a professional post it note animator.

and I'm sure there was stuff I was to do today, but I can't remember for the life of me what it was. This evening there's some kind of Iranian Sufi rap gig I promised to go to.

There appears to be a quality podcast here, what you can download here if you're either interested in music or a Plimptons completeist. There's got to be a fan out there in the world who likes them other than me. I kind of make money out of them, I'm biased.

It plays heavily on my mind that over on The Plimps have over 5,000 listeners. Thats more than twice as many as their contempories, friends and new idols. But seem to me to be less popular, it can't all be cos of my marketing efforts? Can it? My powers are so worthless. On the other hand, they're doing better than this mob and they have devine lineage

This looks charming and unrelated.

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