Monday, 29 October 2007

I'm Happy

This book arrived for me today

It seems to be incredibly intimate and personal, funny, touching and relevant. Oh, the human condition.

Flicking through it and thinking "thats me and Idles", "me in '99", "me and Rachel", "me in '95", "Didn't I write one like that?", before quickly passing it to Merhdad on my right so I didn't waste too much of my day.

Its the book of the blog Beautiful Revolution. Post Secret never quite worked for me, I always felt it was laughing at people, everyone interprets things differently, it brings strength to some. But A Beautiful Revolution was somehow more in tune with my thoughts.

Gah, more of these damned people visiting the blog from searching google about the IQ test thing.

Leanne's birthday today, got her something off of Amazon, maybe one day I'll get my bass guitar back.

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