Saturday, 31 March 2012

Thick Creamy Podcast 30-03-2012

I was at the Librarians Wanted / Big Pink Cake show last night at the Betsy Trotwood and saw Horowitz, The Fireworks and The Blanche Hudson Weekend.

I hardly spoke to anyone. I was in one of those weird introspective moods I get, its either crippling shyness or just plain rude. Sometimes its hard to tell.

It guess its a self-perpetuating thing really, but its been a character trait pretty consistently since I was a young boy.

For my seventh birthday party, I hid in my bedroom feining stomach ache rather than play with my friends who had all come round bearing gifts.

And yes, such behaviour has cost me dearly over the years, but I've still turned out okay. And sure if I try really hard I can wear a mask of gregariousness and party hard, and sometimes I even feel comfortable doing that, but given the choice, I often just lurk at the back of the room, trying to avoid eye contact, with a slightly pained look on my face.

I had this awesome idea, I need to record an album, a definitive album, like Bill Drummond's The Man, but me. I'd hire some half decent session musicians, call in favours, pull strings and get it released, and it would be okay.

I've even written a few songs, carefully scultped and crafted, lowest common denominator sort of things, carefully measured and calculated fuzz and distortion. Sleaze, schmindie, rock and jazz finely blended.

There was this song which starts out in Plato's cave, then moves to a hillside and finally a mountaintop, standing with fist in the air. I'd get the guy Horowitz to sing the chorus "Why, why, why, oh god, why!"

Here's the podcast that I've made of the gig

Feel free to download it, share it, tweet it and all the rest.
Aw man, I think I got the name of the Horowitz song wrong and completely missed the definitive article from Fireworks. Ah well, win some, lose some.

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