Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Thick Creamy Podcast 18-03-2012

Last weekend, I thought I'd stretch my legs and wander down to The Lexington to catch some bands at The Hangover Lounge. It was a welcome reward after a hard Saturday night's TV watching.

Sadly, it was a bit of a trek and I arrived almost at the end of the first band's set. I think I've seen Owl and Mouse a couple of times before, somehow I follow them on twitter. They were pretty quiet but nice too, relaxing.

After a short break the second act commenced. It was chap called Andy Strickland, of Creation Records legends The Loft, and also The Caretaker Race. I think I might be too young to remember him from the first time round. It had been twenty one years since he played at The Lexington.
The final act were Amor De Dias, that's Alisdair from The Clientele and Lupe from The Pipas. They were really really quiet, so quiet that my digital recorder was picking up a chap scratching his arm on the other side of the room as louder than the guitars. I don't think his arm was even that itchy.

So here's the podcast thing  I've put together of the gig, I only caught a portion of Owl and Mouse, but you get the feel of it.

Have a listen. Feel free to download it, stick it on your iPod so it comes up on random from time to time.

There's a chance that the bands themselves or the promoters or whoever might object to me recording their show and putting it out there like this, in which case I'll take it down, or edit out the bands in question. Also there's a chance that the bands and promoters would want a copy of the whole set that I recorded, not just the bits I edited together, in which case, if they got in touch I would send them everything I've got.

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