Saturday, 17 March 2012

Thick Creamy Podcast 16-03-2012

So, last night I went along to my second gig of the year, at the Wilmington Arms, Oddbox was hosting a night called Which Way Is Up! featuring three acts:- Benjamin Shaw, Flights of Helios and Post War Glamour Girls.

It was a thoroughly pleasent night. Ben Shaw was a bittersweet miserablist playing guitar from a stool, I joked wthat he sounds like MJ Hibbett from the mirror universe, and later found out that Ben's next gig is with Hibbett. He seemed super excited when I bought his CD.

Flights of Helios were a shoegazery mob with two keyboards, guitars, Father Dougal on bass and so on. I was trying to place who they sounded like, Mercury Rev I thought, just before they announced they were playing a Mercury Rev cover.

The Headline act were Post War Glamour Girls from Leeds, kind of edgy rock four-piece with sounds about service stations.

Now, a thing that I've been thinking about for ages is that empty feeling you get after Popfests or gigs, where before you were so excited, you've downloaded the compilated CD, and put together playlists on your iPod of the bands who are playing and at the show you're exhilarated, but then afterwards and for the rest of your life, that show is over, in the past. All that's left is maybe a few photos, String Bean Jen's videos on YouTube, and maybe a CD or two that you bought, what's missing is something unique to take home out from the show, a "was there then" sort of thing.

So I got myself a Zoom H2n digital recorder, downloaded Audacity 2, and I've put together a podcast of the gig.

Have a listen. Feel free to download it, stick it on your iPod so it comes up on random from time to time.

There's a chance that the bands themselves or the promoters or whoever might object to me recording their show and putting it out there like this, in which case I'll take it down, or edit out the bands in question. Also there's a chance that the bands and promoters would want a copy of the whole set that I recorded, not just the bits I edited together, in which case, if they got in touch I'd send them everything I've got.

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  1. cracking idea, Chris.

    I'm happy for you to record all Odd Box shows.