Monday, 13 June 2011

Plants and stuff: About apples

Regular readers and perusers of this blog will be aware that my apple tree is named Huey Lewis. This is what he looked like a month ago:-

Around the 19th of May he was growing these cool like reddy pink bud things

They were all down his branches

About three days later they opened up into these lovely white flowers

At this juncture I'd like to introduce Doreen two spots

She's a ladybird, I like to think she provides 'security' for Huey Lewis, eating up greenfly and aphid type dudes who might be causing him trouble.

Anyhoo, so them buds keep blossoming

and about a week later they've done their thing and start to shed their petals.

And then, well, if the bumblebees and dirty pollen spreading insects have done their job then the dead blossomy bits will turn into apples.

If not, then we're just left with the memory of those happy times at the end of May when Huey Lewis tried so hard.

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