Friday, 11 September 2009

Knitting project #12 - Knitting with carrier bags - the conclusion

Ye gads, it was months ago, the end of May when I started it, and admittedly I finished the thing a few weeks back and it's been collecting dust in my heap of detritus next to my desk, but I feel I ought to share it with you.

This is my bag knitted from carrier bags:-

I currently use it to store my knitting stuff. Sadly the handle isn't attached very well, I've looped it through itself on the green side so its pretty secure, but on the blue side, it going to come undo if ever I use the handle.

It looks nice though. Here's the view of one side.

And here's the view of the other side:-

The orange is Sainsburys carrier bag, and the white is Tescos. For the noisy side I just alternated between Sainsburys and Tescos when making the yarn (as documented in the other blogpost), for the expanses of orange and white, well, you can figure out what I did there. I just never had large quantities of each colour available at any one time.

The blue and green handle and edges were made using bags from the corner shop, at some point in the last three months they changed from green to blue, the blue is slightly thinner than the green and so makes a weaker 'yarn'. Ah weel.

Its surprisingly stretchy and springy, but I wouldn't want to try making clothes out of carrier bags, and I reckon if it ever gets wet, it'll start growing fungus or something.

My next knitting project is a pink scarf for my attractive young ladyfriend, photos coming soon.

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