Sunday, 12 October 2008

Sunday Sunday

Good morning gentle reader,

You find me today still at work, the calendar says Sunday, but it feels like Wednesday or something.

Its cold, the heater's on, I'm wearing my Love Love Love t-shirt which seemed like such a good purchase early in the summer. The radio is playing the original version of Valerie, rather than Amy Winehouse's cover. Not quite as good as the nineties acid jazz that yesterday we had from someone's ipod hooked up to the factory hi-fi.

If we're lucky I can get out of here by noon and head along to MJ Hibbett's DJ session and a quiet beer or two in Islington, maybe pick up a Sunday Telegraph, and make the best of the twilight of the weekend.

Today I'm working on updating various BOMs on my database, like adding grub screws to the the K2INTBITS list, and trying to figure out exactly how long these 6mm brass rods are supposed to be rather than just 'as long as the last one'.

Strange things in sexblog and nuddy chick land. Several writers have cover the death knells of the genre, write Violet Blue and a few others leaving Gawker's Fleshbot blog. And then over the last few days it looks like YouPorn have disavowed a load of blogs from their aggregator page. Traffic to my nuddy site is about a quarter below average.

Luckily I've only got 125 pics left to draw before I can give up, should only take a couple of days, then that's a thousand done.

Rather neat Sinfest comic today. Will we ever trust the banks again. Or will their liquidity become an important selling points in adverts?

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