Thursday, 24 May 2012

Thick Creamy Podcast 21-05-2012

Its been a wee while since I did one of my critically acclaimed Thick Creamy Podcasts. This latest one features tracks from two different gigs, the last Which Way Is Up at The Wilmington Arms on Friday 18-05-2012 and one at The Lexington on Monday 21-05-2012.

Sadly I was late getting to both gigs and missed some bands what I really wanted to see, like Fireworks and The Cosines. I am a bad punter. I got distracted watching TV and having dinner and under estimated how long the undrground takes to get to Kings Cross and how quickly I can run to venues from there.

Actually for the Lexington gig I'd been out running before I went out, so I was so knackered I could barely stand up. I'm not quite as fit as I used to be.

Anyhoo, on the podcast there are tracks from Poppy Perezz, Local Girls, Knickers and Still Flyin'.

Feel free to download it, also I discovered that its possible to subscribe to these Thick Creamy Podcasts on iTunes so they download automagically every time I put up a new one.

Simply go into the 'Advanced' menu in iTunes, click 'Subscribe to Podcast' and then paste in this rss feed

and that should give you all the podcasts, forever.

Local Girls

Poppy Perezz

Still Flyin'

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