Saturday, 5 May 2012

Thick Creamy Podcast 03-05-2012

I went to an awesome gig at The Lexington the other night, eagerly pursuing a band called Manflu who I'd seen at one of the Oddbox show last month, this is how fans are made.

There were a couple of other bands playing and as it was the launch night of Clash magazine, there were lots of copies lying around to read. What really caught my eye was an interview with Jimi Cauty, he used to be in the KLF, my favourite band of the early nineties before I discovered baggy. He's an artist now, working in Clerkenwell doing slightly subversive interesting stuff.

So there were three bands, first up were Sserpress, long haired heavy chaps bellowing out okay rock songs.

I must have been stood in a sweet spot cos they were so loud that I had to turn the dial on my digital recorded all the way to eleven.
The second band were a bit of awesome, there was an arty crowd int he audience, at least one of Erin K and Tash was kicking about, I thought it was cos Clash is an arty magazine, there were also a lot of people with the cool undercut hairstyle I had when I was sixteen. It turns out that the Vuvuvultures are the gods of arty fashion bands.

They've got this singer, Harmony Boucher who's like a fashion model / actress and also has a hell of a voice on her, looks a bit boyish too. Their biog describes them as '..vaguely reminiscent of riot grrl with added internet, or dirty bikers eating microchips and washing it down with video games and icecream'

Then finally Manflu were headlining. They were as good as last time I saw them, the performed well with a large stage. However by this time of theevening I was a bit knackered and wanted to go home, so I did.

Oh, almost forgot, via Matt Henderson on twitter there was a monsterous retweet wave going round the world
London has just won the HIPSTER OLYMPICS. Seriously amazing.
That was outside The Lexington, I was there! When I tried to tweet about it, autocorrect changed it to the Hamster Olympics. Damn you autocorrect.

Anyhoo, moving swiftly on, I've done a podcast of the gig:-
Feel free to download it, also I discovered that its possible to subscribe to these Thick Creamy Podcasts on iTunes so they download automagically every time I put up a new one.

Simply go into the 'Advanced' menu in iTunes, click 'Subscribe to Podcast' and then paste in this rss feed
and that should give you all the podcasts.

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