Monday, 12 July 2010

Script doubts

Overcome with self-doubt now. I'm struggling to find anyone capable of reading more than three minutes of my Glasgow Indie EyeSpy Movie screenplay before they have an unstoppable urge to do the washing up or clean the house, or take up a new hobby or anything to avoid reading it.

Things from my past keep bubbling up. Should I include them. Would it dilute any themes I've covered. Is it too intrusive. Would I be opening old wounds.

Or on the otherhand, does it neatly sit on the same heap as 'Put the Book Back on the Shelf', and vague cousin of 'God Help The Girl'.

Do I include:-
  • The Owsley Sunshine's Watermelon curse thing as a subplot
  • The many lineup changes of the Plimptons
  • The arrival of the French Girls on the scene
  • The Plimptons tri-quarterly symposium of pomp at the Tchai Ovna
  • The passing of the EOTMC
  • The arrival of Drive Carefully Records
  • Nuts and Seeds's advantage over other Glasgow promoters
  • Winchester Club DJ specials
  • The rise of the Wolfknuckle
  • The time Stuart bought me a gin and tonic at The Buff Club
  • That strange night when I me and the wife were hanging out with Natalie Umbruglia and the guy who played Vincent Van Gogh in Dr Who
  • The Royal We, Sexy Kids, Dot to Dot, Dananananaykroyd, Errors and that other band who's name evades me right now, but had David Roy in it
Eep, I just had a look at Stuart Murdoch's God Help The Girl website, the journal section hasn't been updated in over a year, the Q&A section in six months. I doubt its died a death. B&S have reconvened and are headlining Latitude this weekend, Stuart's got more important things on his plate than film projects.

Its easy to get lost in development hell. I gotta do things differently, regardless of my uncertainty about characters, subplots and events to include, I gotta put some footage together, gotta make more of a start, something concrete to show.

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