Friday, 16 July 2010

Guest post: What passes for Community service

Guestpost that I found blowing down the street on typewritten sheets of A4:-
What passes for community service these days?

Today I was going about my business on an estate in Camden and I noticed a group of around 5 men dressed casually but with orange high visibility vests chipping away at a railing. They seemed to be removing paint in a very noisy and unproductive way. I asked a man who lived there what they were doing, and he said he assumed they were doing community service as they had been doing it for two weeks, and if they were council employees, then it was definitely not value for money.

I would have filmed this strange scene, but for the wolf whistles I received from them. I couldn’t see a supervisor to report them to, but it made start to think “what passes for community service these days?” I could certainly think of much more useful employment that would benefit both the ‘convicts’ and society

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  1. let me get this straight: someone saw this event, typed it up on A4 and then let it blow down the street, you found it, you transcribed it and posted it on the Internet, and now I've read it and commented on it, and now you're reading this....