Monday, 19 July 2010

Glasgow music's Kevin Bacon

I got distracted at work and started putting together a Rock Family Tree of the Glasgow music scene 2002 to 2007. Not every band mind, just the ones I remember.

Vaguely bands can be split into are two axis, those with overlapping members of David Roy's bands:-

And those with overlapping members of Chris Elkin bands, namely

As far as I can find there's only one chap who's palyed in bands with both Chris Elkin and David Roy and that is the legend Duncan Robertson. He's like Kevin Bacon for degrees of separation.

My Duncan Robertson number is 2, I was in a band with Adam Smith who was in the Hectors with Duncan.

Although, rather than individual people, there are bands with overlapping members of both David Roy and Chris Elkin axises, like The Royal We and Sexy Kids.

Its too complicated to fit into a Rock Family Tree and a Venn Diagram isn't really going to do justice to all the linkery. Any suggestions?

There was the old Hectors family tree I ran up in '05, but its both inaccurate and too iconoclastic for my 2010 purposes.

Then again, until I dug it up a few moments ago, I'd forgotten all about Simplestorm.

I've still gotta figure a way to neatly weave it all in to my eagerly anticipated Glasgow Indie Eyespy movie, without iot become too much of a documentary. Its supposed to be drama. I reckon that in twenty years time, they'll be making movies about Dananananaykroyd's succession of lead singers and drummers, so why wait when we could get the hottest actors to play them now.

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