Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hating Ruby on Rails so much

I have nailed Python, and hammered perl, I am the coding ninja!. Its taken me about a fortnight from getting the O'Reilly book to churning out addictive turn-based strategy games and personal finance suites in perl.

I ordered Ruby on Rails for Dummies, and waited patiently. Fate smiled on me and allowed me to have plenty of free time to get my teeth into it and so this morning I set forth on what I hoped would be an exciting new adventure in programming.

No such sodding luck.

Fucking hell, Barry Burd, author of Ruby on Rails for Dummies is a cunt.

I have spent all day wading through the first few chapters installing and trying to install all the various packages and tools and vaguely related stuff to get Ruby on Rails working and its pissing me off so much I might have to rip my wee netbook in half, chuck it in the garden, go to my storage locker get a pick axe, return to my garden and annihilate my netbook.

These are the 'tarded things I have to install
  • Ruby
  • Rails
  • Java
  • RadRails
  • Aptana Studio
  • Git
  • Curl
  • Bash
  • RubyGem
  • MySfuckingQL
  • MySQL cunting cock nipples Administrator
All for whatever damned variety of Ubuntu my netbook is chuffing away at.

Fourteen hours I've been at it. Fourteen hours with just a brief break for Doctor Who.

Every sodding page of the damned book refers me to 'the book's website' which just so happens to be the author's personal website, which looks like it hasn't been updated since '92.

Look, I know that Ruby is a dynamically typed interpreted reflective object-orientated language, but its a cunt to install.

With perl, I was churning out the first beta release of my accounting software by now, and had finally figured out how I could have written a spider to rip the entire Bowlie archive.

But with Ruby on the shit-eating Rails, I am shouting at the screen and hacking at the damned book with a kitchen knife.

You hear me For Dummies publisher John Wiley & Sons, that's it, you've lost yourself a customer, never again am I going to buy any of your books again, its O'Reilly for me from now on!

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  1. send it back, citing the Sale of Goods Act - it's clearly not fit for the purpose for which it was sold....