Friday, 4 June 2010

Blog Stat Pron - May

Good evening and welcome to my irregular start of the month look at the previous month's blog traffic stats review. According to google analytics, for May, this blog got:-
1,612 Absolute Unique Visitors
2,446 Pageviews
Lets compare that to the past couple of months
1,264 Absolute Unique Visitors
2,009 Pageviews

1,494 Absolute Unique Visitors
2,413 Pageviews
Well, Absolutes are up by loads since April which was a crap month and still better than March which was okay. I think I've set myself a new record for hits in a single day. Some chap on twitter got fined £1,000 for tweeting, I wrote a blogpost with the right keywords in the URL and got all the googlejuice, which sent a mammoth 517 visitors in one day which kind of raised up the average for the month.

Its all continuing the long term trend of alienating my regular readers and instead getting loads of unsuspecting traffic from google, Facebook and Twitter. Really, I haven't had any refery links from other blogs in months and months and months.

Statcounter reckons I had 2,542 Unique Visitors, and an average of 98 pageloads per day, the highest ever. Still not quite breaching the 100 ppd barrier, but getting better man. Maybe next month.

Here are the metrics of of my RSS feeds on various feed readers:
26 subscribers - GoogleReader (same as like forever)
4 subscribers - Bloglines (same as like forever)
10 followers - Blogger (two more than last time)
Small improvement, I'm glad.

These are my top seven referrers for May (not including google wanderers)
1. Facebook - 139 visitors (220 friends)
2. Twitter - 47 visitors (182 followers)
3. UK Bubble - 17 visitors
4. Rob Dyke - 16 visitors
5. Jack of Kent - 14 visitors
6. Mark Wadsworth - 12 visitors
7. Dick Puddlecote - 7 visitors
Lets take a brief moment to consider which were the most viewed posts during May.
1. Paul Chambers Guilty - 489 views
2. The Holly Greig Story - 184 views
3. iPod Daleks - 124 views
4. What Have I gotten myself into - the TFTA scam - 71 views
5. Budget 2010 Working Tax Credits - 59 views
6. Bookcase Dreams - 39 views
7. Origami flapping bird animation - 38 views
8. Indiepop Eyespy - 29 views
9. Tories have no mandate to rule Scotland - 29 views
10. Diane Abbott on Andrew Marr - 28 views
The top five most popular posts that I wrote in May were:-
1. Paul Chambers Guilty - 489 views
2. Tories have no mandate to rule Scotland - 29 views
3. Diane Abbott on Andrew Marr - 28 views
4. Diane Abbott for Labour Leader - 17 views
5. Python text stats script - 16 views
That's it belatedly for May's stat pron, until next time, take care space cadets.

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