Friday, 27 November 2009

New website idea #55 RateMyLandlord

There is an opportunity here. Local council, that we pay to run local services, no longer feel like carrying social housing. Its an issue I've blogged about occasionally in the past. Instead they feel its in the taxpayers interest to punt those low paid, unemployed, homesless and vulnerable into private renting.

Whilst others may tell you this artifically inflates and distorts the average rents for an area, I don't know. And whilst others may tell you its disrupts the natural flow of taxpayers money from one branch of government to another branch, instead showering it over the rich and the landed, I couldn't comment.

My new website idea is "Rate My Landlord"

Its basically FixMyStreet, but for private accomodation. Whenever you move out of a landlord's property, you review the experience, thus building up a picture of which landlords are cool and which aren't. Which areas have nice affordable, pleasant accomodation, and which areas don't.

Just needs a neat user interface, easy to use, to add to, and to search.

Can I have a government grant to get it off the ground?

Can I solicite reviews from people who's landlords are MPs?


  1. something like this then?


  2. already been done bell end!


  4. Bah, both those sites are crap though.

  5. Anonymous> think you need some punctuation lessons, cock-face!