Monday, 30 November 2009

Blogish Juxtaposition #2

Compare this from Mark Pack about the decline or not of wikipedia

and this from Boing Boing about Switzerland banning minarets

Wikipedia is great and democracy is great. Sometimes they both get a little soggy round the edges and you don't get the results you want, but they're both the least bad system compared to political systems that don't represent the views of the people and shut out outsiders from contributing.

Old Holborn is right on the money with the Swiss thing
Missed the point by a mile, the people of Switzerland have the direct right to say how their country is run, basically they told their Government this was a step too far. In this country we would have running fights in the street between the BNP and left hired thugs, plus the Government would give them a fifty per cent grant.
Me, no political party I've voted for has won an election I've voted in, that's part of democracy.

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